Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. We look in the mirror and we think to ourselves; ‘why are my thighs touching?’, ‘I wish I had a flat tummy’, ‘my legs are so short’ or ‘my boobs are too small’. So you don’t have a thigh gap or a tiny waist. So what? We have a choice, we can either continue like this, or we can change the way we see ourselves and the way we think.

The relationship you have to your body is so much more important then just accepting yourself. It makes the biggest difference, when you love your body, your immune system works better, you feel stronger, happier and healthier. The happier you are with your body, the happier you make others around you as you carry a happy uplifting energy. When we love and accept our bodies, we feel more peaceful, more confident and more calm as we are connected within.

I have battled with loving my body ever since I can remember, I developed much later then the rest of my classmates, which left me feeling deserted and afraid that I wasn’t good enough. I would actually get teased by boys for having ‘no boobs’. Walking through the corridors I would try to keep my head down, and feel so relieved when I got home and could let go of the stress. I would miss swimming lessons and galas (something i was actually really good at!) pretending I was unwell or forgot my kit, when in reality I was just terrified to stand next to the other girls and too be looked at. The night before and every morning of swimming I would torture myself with these thoughts and it would be the only thing I could think of. It caused me to develop bad anxiety and negative thoughts towards school, which carried on up until the point I actually decided to leave the school and go to a much smaller all girls school 3 years ago. It was only until about last year where I finally accepted myself. Of course sometimes I still look in the mirror and think these negative thoughts, but I just take a step back and stop and think. I still have very small boobs, but I love them! I do not compare myself to any of my friends, especially those who have more ‘womanly’ bodies. If i did I would be totally miserable! I have learnt to admire everyones beauty, but at the same time not questioning my own. I genuinely believe I learnt to love my body through daily meditation, positive affirmations and the support of amazing women.

Living in this generation is extremely hard. One can be so easily body shamed by just the touch of a button. I believe body activists such as Eileen Kelly is really helping others to accept and love themselves, she is such an inspiration to me, I think what she is doing is so incredible. I love how open she is with her body and sexuality, its a completely natural thing and she makes that so clear. I don’t understand why someone would judge another person for posting something slightly revealing. Do not be ashamed. You are you, you are your body.

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Why has the nipple, something which is necessary for human life, feeding your child and giving them things such as vital vitamins, minerals and white blood cells, become this huge stigma for sex, to the point that any female nipple on instagram is taken down to ‘ensure that instagram is a safe place’. This actually makes me laugh! How can a young girl be open about her body and love it when part of it isn’t even allowed to be viewed on instagram? I cant express how angry it makes me to see men walking around topless and it be absolutely fine, but then a women walks around topless, and she is immediately judged and called names. Do not let anyone make you feel embarrassed or ashamed of your body. Celebrate your sexuality.


  1. Mario says:

    This is crazy. I think of how lovely you are. Pretty and smart and never imagined you would have gone through such a thing. It’s good to know your doubts have been tossed away. Stay cool forever.

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