To everyone taking exams over the next few months, I wish you the best of luck. We are constantly told that these exams are the most important part of our school lives. Whilst they are important, you also have to remember that grades do not determine our lives, they do not determine who we are, and they will never stop us from doing what we truly want to do and set our mind too. Exams are important, but our health is more important. Make sure you are eating enough, drinking lots of water, and getting good amounts of sleep.

During my exams, this is what I did and will be doing:

The night before the exam:

-If you are a ‘crammer’ then so be it, but whatever you do, do not cram up until 8.30PM! The most important thing is getting a good nights sleep. You want to have full focus and concentration during the exam, and you certainly wont have this if you go to bed at 3.00AM! If you are anxious and cannot get to sleep, have a cup of camomile tea (which has no caffeine in it, unlike green tea!). According to researchers, drinking camomile tea is associated with an increase of glycine, a chemical that relaxes nerves and muscles and acts like a mild sedative! Also, make sure your phone and laptop and any electrical devise is turned off and away from your bed. They are huge distractions and you don’t want to watch an episode of Netflix and  get carried away and suddenly realise its 2AM, because its so easy to accidentally do!

-Make sure everything is packed and organised. Have your clothes for the next day laid out. If you don’t have to wear uniform, make sure its something not to sloppy or baggy, or I honestly believe you will feel sloppy and sleepy during the exam! Have your bag packed with your clear pencil case, and make sure you have all the equipment needed for the exam.

The morning of the exam:

-Wake up at a good time, so you don’t feel rushed. This is so important; have a good, hearty breakfast. I would either have almond milk porridge with fruits and nuts or avocado on rye bread with a cup of green tea, I would advice staying clear of coffee, you might feel a bit shaky in your exam and crash half way through.

-Get a water bottle, cut up a lemon and put this in. Lemon water is really amazing and has so many benefits, not only will it energise you and enhance your mood, it can help reduce anxiety!

-I liked to plait my hair so it was off my face!

Additionally, its important to remember to take care of your mental health at these times. Try to exercise when you can, even if its going on a walk around where you live or going for a swim. If you do feel as if you need help, do not feel afraid to reach out.


Dropping an A-level

Recently, I have been battling with the idea of dropping my fourth a-level. I have been told by my parents and teachers that without it, I won’t get into a good university because my other 3 are ‘not academic enough’. For a while, I was content with this and agreed to continue it on for the next two years of my school life. There are many reasons I want to drop this a-level, one being I have a very uninspiring teacher whom I don’t feel I can connect with. I can feel she has no passion for her subject through her actions and speech. The energy in the room feels empty, whereas on the opposite end of the spectrum my History of Art teacher is bursting with passion, you can tell that she really cares about all of her pupils and she wants us to love the subject, which we all do. I believe that students can really be affected by a teacher as I am truly inspired by some. However, I am not blaming the fact I would like to drop the subject on the teacher, it is also because I feel like I do not connect with the subject on a spiritual level. Everyone is different and everyone has different interests, and for me, I do not find it as interesting as I should be at this point of the term. I have spoken out and decided that it is for my own good, it would make me a happier person and give me more time to focus and thrive on the subjects I love. Even if it won’t get me into a ‘good university’ I know it’s for the best, and I will be okay in the end whatever happens because I have trust in the universe.