Why do we drink cow’s milk?

Would you drink dogs or cats milk? Think about taking a pregnant dogs milk, and then drinking that milk. If that’s so disgusting to you, why would you drink cow milk? How is it any different?

We have been ignorantly brainwashed by the media (with the help of celebrities including Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell in the ‘got milk’ advertisements which is encouraging the consumption of cow’s milk ..conveniently funded by the $11 billion dollar dairy farm industry) to think that drinking cow milk gives us ‘strong, healthy bones!’…in reality, it’s actually the complete opposite. High cow milk intake can actually lead to increased risk of getting osteoporosis (a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue). 

On top of this, we only absorb 30% of calcium from dairy products, when we eat vegetables and plant-based foods we absorb around 60%. Where do you think cows get their calcium from? From the plants on the ground. 

Cows only lactate when they are pregnant, to provide food for their offspring. This means that in order to get milk from a cow, it must be pregnant. So the dairy industry impregnates cows starting at the young age of 12 months over and over and over again. The male cows are forced to ejaculate often by using an ‘electro-ejaculator’ and the semen of the bull is put into the female cow with a long tube when she is confined into a ‘rape rack’. This process is disturbing, painful and completely unnatural.

After she is painfully and forcefully impregnated, she gives birth to her calf which is immediately taken away from her because it would drink her milk. There is a video of an organic dairy farm where the calf is taken away from its mother within seconds of it being born, the calf is bewildered and looks back at her as she cries out in a fit of rage and burrows her head into the ground wailing.  It’s then locked in a tiny crate next to rows of rows of other calfs.


A mother’s bond to her child is incredibly strong and she is often crying out for it for days. But nobody gives a shit …because, cheese! If the calf is a female, she is either sold for veal meat or once at 12 months she will be artificially inseminated just like her mother has been over and over and over again. If the calf is male, his throat is slit and he is sold for veal.

Due to the completely unnatural over impregnation of the cows, they become exhausted and weak, until they collapse. These cows are killed cruelly and viscously (for example being dragged across the dirty ground by their heads bearing the whole weight of their body) and are sold for meat- yay, burgers!


Due to the completely unnatural extraction of milk from the udder, they develop mastitis (inflammation and infection of the udder) which causes blood and pus to go into the milk, oh but don’t worry, its totally filtered!.. but not completely because in Europe up to 400,000 somatic cells are legally allowed in every MILLIMETRE of cows milk. By the way, somatic cells are essentially pus cells. 

ORGANIC MILK IS A LIE. there is no such thing as humane milk.

Does this look natural to you?


By buying and drinking cow milk you are actively accepting cruelty.

Please please, just make the switch to almond milk, its completely natural and is so much better for you. Its that simple. 



  1. Thank you for the insight Maddie! This was so useful, I tend to switch between cows milk and almond milk but its almond milk all the way now!

    1. thank you Jess !!!!! <3 xxxxx

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