A lot of people are embarrassed when they cry, and feel they have to hide themselves by concealing it or physically covering their faces. I feel this is very wrong, although I have to admit that I also find myself doing this. We should feel safe when we cry, not scared, as it’s just another emotion which we should be able to openly express, like laughing. Since childhood, our parents and society have taught us that crying is wrong and that we shouldn’t cry. This leads to us repressing our feelings, as we think that we are failures if we express these important emotions. We need to teach people that crying should be celebrated! It releases stress and I’m sure everyone can agree that after a good cry, we feel much better, because it actually releases toxins. Crying makes us closer to people and creates stronger connections with friends and family; as it makes you really talk about the subject. It’s very important to not bottle up your feelings, as this makes you feel less connected from the people who matter in your life. You will feel extremely isolated and will start to push people away when you need them to be close. The feelings will then change to anger and frustration, bubbling up in aggressive forms. So the next time you need to cry, let yourself cry. And the next time you see a friend crying, let them know that you are always there to support them and it’s totally fine to cry.

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